VOICE is an EU co-funded project developing the innovvoice platform, an open online collaborative ideation system that empowers crowd to innovate and prosper.

Innovvoice facilitates startup idea development by evolving concepts, enriching their content, creating partnerships, matchmaking with business and product developers, enabling the development of minimum viable products (MVP) and solid business models.

Innovvoice is unique as it is around the clock accessible, unlimited in space, hosts a variety of users (entrepreneurs, wantepreneurs, researchers, developers, enterprises, employers, VCs, NGOs, Governmental organizations, etc.), follows a community-driven approach and capitalises on the power of the “crowd”, building on the knowledge, expertise, input and ideas of its community, supporting entrepreneurial growth from the stage of ideation to idea validation and business development.

Innovvoice aims to be the premier global sustainable non-profit ideation system, turning entrepreneurial ambitions or needs into collaborative projects and prototypes, supporting the launch and growth of startups through virtual incubation services, recording and decoding innovation as it is being produced, all with the support of the innovvoice community.

Stay tuned! Have a look at the innovoice info-booklet and join the vibrant growing entrepreneurial community of thousands of users, hundreds of organisations from tens of countries!

This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission.
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