The implementation of the VOICE project started in September 2014 and the innovvoice platform is up and running since the beginning of 2016, tested and revamped continuously according to user feedback and activities run. The project is implemented progressively based on a systematic approach.
The steps to be followed are:
  • the identification of the different end users/stakeholders and their requirements to be translated into the VOICE specifications
  • the analysis and definition of the ecosystem specifications
  • the design and development of the mechanisms, methods and tools of the VOICE observatory, for gathering, analysing and assessing ecosystem data
  • the definition of the content specifications and their implementation for the facilitation of integration of user-generated content
  • the definition of system specifications and their implementation for supporting business and technical processes, ie. through open-source tools, open content and open educational resources integrated in the system
  • the design of two project pilots for the evaluation of the proposed ecosystem: one intra-project pilot involving all project partners across 6 EU countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and UK) and Australia and one large-scale, operational-phase pilot that will be functioning in a real-life setting for a period of at least 6 months involving a broad global network
  • the production and publication of papers, best practices and case studies associated with the design, deployment and pilot testing of the VOICE ecosystem as well as the stimulation of interest and engagement in the VOICE ecosystem, building a sustainable network among three key stakeholders: a) B2C segment: individuals, b) B2B segment: potential associate partners and c) B2G segment: national, regional and EU authorities as well as governmental institutions and agencies
  • the identification and establishment of the most appropriate legal entity to commercially exploit the project results beyond the project lifespan.
These steps and expected results correspond to respective deliverables to be produced by the partners within the framework of the project implementation. In parallel, project management, communication and dissemination as well as exploitation activities are being implemented horizontally throughout the project phases.

Produced deliverables include:

  • Stakeholders’ definition & Use case scenarios
    Deliverable D2.1 focuses on defining and identifying stakeholders that would constructively participate in the VOICE ecosystem, positioning them within this ecosystem. The analysis of each category of stakeholders is based on desk research and the input from expert interviews. The profiles of stakeholders are described while a list of related value networks and innovation ecosystems is included. Use cases of the platform are developed to describe the set of stakeholders and their likely interactions with the system and each other.

  • Requirements Elicitation
    Deliverable D2.2 focuses on the specification and elicitation of requirements for the VOICE system. The requirements take into account the needs, skills, capabilities and existing systems of the widest practical range of potential users and cover system processes, methods of access and provisioning and user-system interactions. This deliverable is an internal reference document for the other project tasks, establishing a requirements baseline for all the involved stakeholders. It presents the process followed for the definition of requirements coming from different interviews, surveys as well as through hand-on experience of the stakeholders with the legacy system. Based on the previous deliverable on “Stakeholders’ definition & Use case scenarios”, this document goes one step further with the following objectives: a) analysing the list of relevant stakeholders for VOICE domain, in terms of their needs, concerns and activities, b) identifying the requirements of the VOICE ecosystem and platform both from the initial interviews with the stakeholders as well as through their experimentation and familiarisation with the legacy system, upon which VOICE will be built. The contributions of this deliverable will be used in the deliverables to follow.

  • Legal and IPR issues
    Deliverable D3.2 defines and analyses the legal specifications of the VOICE ecosystem and of the platform ( that hosts the community. The definitions take into account the European law concerning Intellectual Property Rights as well as the vision of innovvoice towards becoming an online incubator that will protect its users and their ideas. This document presents the generic framework of the platform use (Terms of Use) along with community-related issues on idea ownership. The handling of personal data and other data gathered is presented accordingly.

  • Virtual Observatory Specifications
    The observatory gathers, analyses and assesses the anonymous, open innovation data that depict user activity, engagement, collective activity, co-creation environment, enablers and obstacles in the entrepreneurial and innovation process.
    Deliverable D4.2.1 focuses on the initial design and specifications for the VOICE observatory, identifying datasets, analytical metrics, analytical applications that are necessary for building the functionalities of the VOICE observatory. Deliverable D4.2.2 describes the development of the final component of VOICE Observatory, one with improved stability, a new UI, better user experience, securer access control and better data accessing features. Deliverable D4.3 follows the design and implementation completion of the Virtual Observatory and describes the findings and datasets about platform user activities collected throughout platform functioning, validating the VO as a tool for analysing the ecosystem status and dynamics.

  • Content Specifications
    This work package focuses on the specification of the different kind of contents employed in the innovvoice ecosystem.
    Deliverable D5.2 introduces specifications at a conceptual level alongside examples, giving an idea of the services that are built on top of the content specification.
    Deliverable D5.3 focuses on the initial content corpus available in innovvoice and the modalities by which these contents are retrieved and matched.

  • System specifications
    This work package provides the framework for designing the system prototype.
    Deliverable D6.2.2 the aspects of the final system prototype, including functionality, specification design, additional services and tools developed to meet the needs of end users,
    Deliverable D6.3 describes the actions undertaken for the successful completion of the system integration process as well as the APIs developed for the transparent integration of all the subsystems.

  • Pilots Design, Operations & Assessment
    This work package provides the framework for designing the platform pilots.
    Deliverable D7.1 lays down the specifications, operations and assessment process. A staged approach with 2 consecutive pilot phases has been selected toward the evaluation of the ecosystem: an intra-project pilot, involving the project partners and their direct networks to assess the project prototype and provide input for the ecosystem refinement prior to the full-scale market launch and the large-scale operational pilot, involving a broad European and global community.
    Deliverable D7.2.2 includes the project activities related to the operational-phase of VOICE. The nature of the deliverable is D (Demonstration), therefore the document briefly describes the activities of the intra pilots.
    Deliverable D7.3.2 presents the overall assessment of the operational pilot operations.

  • Dissemination & Community Building
    Deliverable D8.3.2, the Final Dissemination Plan, lays down the VOICE communication objectives set and served throughout project implementation, broken down in three main communication phases (project launch and research completion, launch and intra-pilots, revamp and operational pilots) as well as the strategy and activities used to do so, mainly based on the promotion of open innovation and ideation.
    Deliverable D8.4 lays down all communication strategy, objectives, tools and initiatives/activities undertaken in view of disseminating the project and product, targeting and engaging stakeholders, creating incentives through targeted activities and laying the ground for project sustainability and successful exploitation.

  • Basic promotional material
    The project basic promotional material [ logo.jpg, logo_white.png & white_shadow.png, innovvoice logo, innovvoice info-booklet, leaflet, poster1, poster2, rollup banner, letterhead, powerpoint template] is an important element in the visual communication of the project to the general public. The common design ensures and safeguards a uniform presentation and profile. The material serves to raise interest in the project goals and objectives and to engage future potential users to visit the online accelerator, website and social media profiles. Furthermore, it explains VOICE and the planned functions of innovvoice online startup ideabator in an interesting way.

  • Project Presentation Website
    The project website (deliverable D8.1) is the main communication tool of project - It provides general information about the VOICE project, including background information, goals, planned activities and a description of the beneficiaries involved as well as their contact details. Furthermore, it hosts and internal workspace to support project management and the filing of internal documents. The website will be regularly updated with project specific news, progress, deliverables and milestones, but also with additional information relevant to the actions of VOICE (especially news on EU policy developments and news regarding acceleration and innovation, such as publication, conferences and other events).
This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.