Innovvoicers provided reduced rate to join Meet Magento Greece 2017 in Athens #MM17GR
posted 12 October 2017

Registered innovvoice members were given the opportunity to attend at reduced (more than 60%) price the Meet Magento Greece Conference 2017 held in Athens by Converge ICT Solutions & Services as part of a series of events on e-commerce and Magento professionals around the globe. The reduced rate was provided by Meet Magento Association, an associate partner of innovvoice and the VOICE project as part of the mutual collaboration in place.

Innovvoice featuring at the Knowledge Shots event in Athens
posted 14 September 2017

Innovvoice was promoted during the large scale Knowledge Shots open seminar on gastronomy and business! The event was organised by grassroots social initiative Mellon Skills Accelerator, designed and implemented by Social Entreprise knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning, both associate partners of innovvoice and the VOICE project.

Innovvoice among the associate partners of M.Sc. in Bioentrepreneurship
posted 5 September 2017

Innovvoice online startup ideabator features among the associate partners of the M.Sc. in Bioentrepreneurship, implemented by the University of Thessaly (Greece) in collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens. Professor of the postgraduate programme Dr. Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis participated as Contest Judge at the Online Business Ideation Contest while the platform is to be used to train the students’ entrepreneurial skills and supports their business ideas and aspirations.

Innovvoice Online Business Ideation Contest #IOBIC2017
posted 30 August 2017

An EU-wide contest was organised in the frame of the innovvoice operational pilots in view of testing the contest and collaboration features and tools! The contest consisted of two phases: submission of business plan of an idea in business model canvas template and elevator pitches of selected ideas. The contest was organised in collaboration with 14 Associate Partners and the representatives of most as Contest Judges. Overall, the contest lasted for 2 months, gathering 38 contestants, 19 submitted business ideas, 10 evaluated business plans and 5 evaluated online elevator pitches in home video. Winners were announced at the end of August: FISHUP (Italy) - 1st place, THROISMA (Greece) - 2nd place, TABIFY (Greece) - 3rd place. See more on the contest here and the pitches at our youtube channel here

Webinars for startups! Business Planning, Pitching Investors, Legal Matters
posted 12 July 2017

Three short promotional webinars were produced in the frame of innovvoice, tackling different, complementary key topics for ideators and entrepreneurs when developing and implementing their ideas and businesses. Experts Dr. Ioannis Salamouris, Olga Stavropoulou and Chara Daouti collaborated with the project and shared their knowledge and expertise on business planning, communication and pitching and legal matters respectively. Have a look at our webinars at our youtube channel here

Innovvoice presented during ApertiTech event in Rome, organised in collaboration with Tecnopolo Tiburtino
posted 12 July 2017

An interactive dialogue with a vibrant, local entrepreneurial community was held on business ideation, online startup ideabator innovvoice and its virtual activities, tools and contests took place in Rome during the ApertiTech event organised by the VOICE Italian partner Innova in collaboration with #IOBIC2017 Italian Associate Partner Tecnopolo Tiburtino. The participants saw great value in the platform and are open to streamline in their workplans and activities.

Innovvoice #UniversitiesBattle Online Business Simulation Contest in collaboration with Spanish expert Praxis MMT
posted 20 June 2017

As part of the operational pilots of the online startup ideabator, a contest on online business simulation was launched in collaboration with expert in simulations Spanish partner Praxis MMT. Higher Education student teams across Europe competed virtually between 15 May-10 June 2017 on how to best run a virtual company for a few business years, through an elaborate business game, boosting their entrepreneurial skills, fostering business growth and open innovation. The 5 teams of selected students came from five renowned Universities (Aalborg University, Athens Information Technology/AIT, University of Sapienza, University of Southampton/SOTON and Warsaw University of Technology/WUT) in five EU countries (Denmark, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom and Poland respectively) from diverse disciplines (communication, media, computer science, IT, electronics, management, business administration). Have a look at our press release here.
Winners were teams from AIT (1st place) and SOTON (2nd place)!

Innovvoice joins Meet Magento Sweden 2017 in Stockholm #MM17SE
posted 31 May 2017

Innovvoice startup ideabator and the whole VOICE project team were hosted at the Meet Magento Sweden Conference 2017 held in Stockholm by the Nordic Web Team as part of a series of events on e-commerce and Magento professionals around the globe. Innovvoice was presented to a large entrepreneurial community, specialised in ICT and related tools to promote a business and was greatly received by the participants. Have a look at the presentations of team members Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Raimund Broechler and Christina Frentzou at our youtube channel here

Innovvoice participates at event on Corporate Social Responsibility in Rome
posted 4 May 2017

An inspiring event on social economy, CSR, social design and design thinking was held in Rome, Italy by Fondazione Exclusiva. Innovvoice was present through synergy developed with Sapienza University of Rome, EU projects USR-NET on European Network of Sociallly Responsible Universities and SocialUP on Design Thinking of Social Enteprises as well as Associate Partner Innovation Trainning Center/ITC from Spain.

Innovvoice and platform ideators featured in Aarhus #SEW17
posted 8 February 2017

A session on ideation was organised by innovvoice in collaboration with Aarhus University, Denmark in the frame of the events of Startup Europe Week Aarhus 2017, engaging the startup community and hosting representatives of the national and European entrepreneurial scene, including mentors, investors and policy-makers. Representatives of VOICE partners presented the challenges and potential of ideation and presented online startup ideabator and features while selected innovvoicers had the opportunity to pitch their business idea online and get instant feedback from the European audience to improve their presentation skills and unique selling points. Renowned design thinker James Rock of DesignThinkers Group UK, with expertise in major brands and organisations, leading the EU project Social UP - Design Thinking for Social Enterprises, participated as speakers and gave tips on how to form and validate a business idea with the consumers to increase the success rates of startups.

posted 5 February 2017

The online startup ideabator has been revamped with new features and tools! Explore the platform, find partners and content, contribute and collaborate. Fill in your profile to get more targeted matches. Invite people to expand the community, share ideas and content. Register, loging and stay tuned as activities are underway!

Innovvoice member of Startup Europe
posted 10 December 2016

Included as part of the e-services available to startups across Europe and beyond, the “business ideation platform” innovvoice is now member of the extensive global Startup Europe network counting many entrepreneurial actors, communities and ecosystems.
Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission in the frame of achieving a Digital Single Market!

Innovvoice organises twitter chat on #startupideas as part of Startup Safary Athens 2016 with great success
posted 18 November 2016

A twitter chat organised by innovvoice in the frame of Startup Safary Athens 2016 engaged twitter users from different countries in an innovative, online and interactive way, reaching 14.7k twitter impressions. The chat opened up the discussion on sharing business ideas. Views of the wider entrepreneurial community were sought to encourage and empower new and active entrepreneurs seeking to develop new ideas. SHARE and move fast for collaborative realisation of ideas was the community’s main stance! The twitter chat attracted media interest and was presented on radio at Greek radio station Praktoreio FM 104,9 “Panorama" show with Katerina Gianniki. Have a look at our press release here.

Original content contributions for our platform to support ideators!
posted 17 November 2016

Experienced entrepreneurs, trainers and professionals from the VOICE project partners and beyond, contribute their views and advice for our innovvoice users on complementary topics such as: To trust or not to trust? Why sharing ideas is the only way to go, Fear of openness, Startup & Grow: Presenting your business idea, MVP creation. Join for more.

Joining GEW 2016 in Athens
posted 17 November 2016

Innovvoice was hosted at an event held in the frame of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 bringing together a variety of actors of the Athenian startup scene to share views, know-how as well as the successes of interesting startups they support. The ideator Anna Lambraki and her startup idea MELi BeesWax Beauty Creams and Oils on home-made cosmetics, as shaped and promoted through innovvoice, was presented to the audience, pinning down the potential and added value of the ideabator for young and new entrepreneurs.Innovvoice Greek partner AIT Senior Research Scientist Faidon Komisopoulos explained the features and tools available on the platform to support ideators.

Innovvoice hosted at SESBA Meetup on Social Entrepreneurship in Athens
posted 25 October 2016

Innovvoice was part of the event on Social Entrepreneurship: Advice and Advisers held in the frame of EU project SESBA on Skills of Social Business Advisers that brought together a number of social economy representatives, including policy-makers, entrepreneurs, trainers and researchers. The platform would be a valuable tool for social businesses. More photos here

Innovvoice at Mellon-Skills Accelerator Open seminar on Mobile Working in Athens
posted 10 October 2016

Innovvoice was present at Mellon Skills Accelerator Open seminar on Mobile Working: Approach your professional future differently, delivered by Myladie Stoumbou, Director of Cloud Productivity Sales, Germany & CEE at Microsoft and aimed at wannabe entrepreneurs, modern professionals and business owners as well as unemployed. How to work remotely, how and where to find a mobile working position in ICT and other professional sectors, how to make a portfolio, how to handle  amobile working position and be productive and successful. More photos here

VOICE project and innovvoice featuring in scientific publications
posted 25 May 2016

The World Technopolis Review (March 2015) and the WebSci (May 2016) conference proceedings and Workshop on Data-Driven Innovation on the Web, featured publications on open innovation, referencing the VOICE project and its online startup ideabator innovvoice. To access the publications see: Ziouvelou, X., Giannaka, E. Raimund, Broechler, “The ‘open incubation model’: deriving community-driven value and innovation in the incubation process” (World Technopolis Review / v.4, no.1, pp.11-22, March 2015); Siow E., Wang X., Tiropanis T., “Facilitating data-driven innovation using VOICE observatory infrastructure” DOI: 10.1145/2911187.2914584; Leotta F., Mecella M., Vassos S., “Ideas matchmaking for supporting innovators and entrepreneurs” 4:1-4:5.

VOICE project presented at Meet Magento DE 2016
posted 8 July 2016

The VOICE project and innovvoice ideation platform were presented during the Meet Magento DE 2016 leading eCommerce conference #MM16DE held on 4-5 July in Leipzig Germany by Associate Professor at VOICE project leader Aalborg University in Denmark Sofoklis Kyriazakos, also Chief Innovation Officer of Meet Magento Association. Prof. Kyriazakos discussed with the wide entrepreneurial community present on ways to facilitate innovation and startups through More information on the conference available at the official website

VOICE project invites you to visit the new innovvoice homepage and join the community!
posted 10 May 2016

Visit, choose your role, pick your actions, get to the point! Test the system and your ideas. Be among the pioneer pilot users and benefit from the platform activities and offers.
The global entrepreneurial innovvoice community is growing. The platform is already hosting more than 230 users from more than 20 countries worldwide, 40 ideas, projects and prototypes, 70 organisations, including companies, NGOs, academic institutions, 100 contents while introducing new features and services.

VOICE and innovvoice join Europe Day 2016!
posted 15 May 2016

VOICE project and innovvoice online startup ideabator joined the celebrations of the Europe Day 2016 in Crete, Greece. Hundreds of guests had the opportunity to visit the platform in situ, register, share their business ideas and experience open innovation.
The events were organised by the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Office in Greece with the support of the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Chania. Among the European citizens, MEPs, European Union officials, local government representatives and representatives of economic actors and social partners will be joining.
More photos here here.

Innovvoice platform incorporated in online self-assessment tool of EU project I-Skills
posted 10 May 2016

The EU project I-Skills – Fostering Innovation Skills as Key Competences for improving Employability of PhDs in SMEs is soon releasing a self-assessment tool for measuring and empowering the innovation skills of PhD students and holders online, increasing their employability in SMEs. Five different playful scenarios in 3D environment help PhDs test their innovation skills. The scenarios are loosely tied to a backstory of an anonymous employee in an average SME. The player is put in the role of this employee, and then has to go through these scenarios, each of which has a different objective. Scenario 4 on Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creating a New Entreprise is incorporating the innovvoice online startup ideabator encouraging the PhDs testing the tool to become members of the global entrepreneurial community!
More at

Innovvoice presented alongside other business incubators in Athens, Greece
posted 14 April 2016

Innovvoice online startup ideabator was presented during the event “Get to know all business incubators - What they ask for, what they offer, what they aim for”, organised by Orama Group and coordinated by the head of the Center for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship KePNET and initiator of Starting UP initiative for Democratizing Entrepreneurship Mr. Orestis Matsoukas. The event was held in Europe Direct of the Municipality of Athens on 13 April 2016. Associate Professor of CTIF/Aalborg University, leader of the VOICE project, Sofoklis Kyriazakos explained: “Online ideation allows and encourages also people or entities that are looking for an idea but are not necessarily wantepreneurs or entrepreneurs or have the know-how to make use of existing physical incubators or startup competitions to access, navigate and explore an open entrepreneurial community easily, trying out a potential business idea at any given time!”
More pictures here.

Innovvoice present at Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development 2016 in Athens
posted 4 April 2016

Innovvoice online startup ideabator was invited to showcase, promote and grow its entrepreneurial community at the largest celebration in Greece, the Panorama for (youth) Entrepreneurship and Career Development held this year on 1-3 April for the 6th consecutive time with the participation of 190 speakers in 36 panels representing 15 economic sectors and with a dynamic and tangible support by tens of companies, including through the “Business Days” concept, opening up their premises and activities for youth guided study visits. The Panorama is inspired by former Professor of Business Management and Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business Dr. Iordanis Ladopoulos in an effort to bridge education with the marketplace.
More pictures here.

Innovvoice platform presented at Mellon Skills Accelerator Open Seminars
posted 29 March 2016

During the open seminars held at the Greek city of Lavrio, innovvoice community was presented to the participants as an initiative to help them increase their employability, including through entrepreneurship as self-employment. Mellon Skills Accelerator is a social initiative for the personalized skills development and empowerment of unemployed, organizing, in parallel, open education and training seminars in this direction.
More at

Mentors and mentees of EU project MENTEE workshop test innovvoice on mobile
posted 25 March 2016

Mentees and mentors of the EU project MENTEE - Mentoring, Networking and Training for European Entrepreneurs workshop registering on innovvoice open online collaborative ideation system and testing it on mobile. Indeed, they found the platform to be very mobile friendly!
More pictures here.

Testing the innovvoice online startup ideabator at Startupper Awards
posted 19 March 2016

“Test your business idea! Join the community!” the mottos at Startupper Awards held on 18 March in Athens, Greece at the premises of startup incubator Orange Grove supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands to Greece. The event hosted and presented 21 winners in 9 different categories in a full night of open space entrepreneurship.
More pictures here.

Giving back to the community of pilot testers through the 1st innovvoice e-zine!
posted 4 March 2016

Innovvoice is preparing its first online publication of pilot users’ articles and view on whether “to startup or not to startup”! Article specs: 300 words • Simple wording • Keywords: Europe, entrepreneurship, business idea, employment, risk, growth How to submit: Register and/or login at • Submit your article as Own / Original Content • Fill in your profile. All articles will be extracted and included in the e-zine to be circulated it all over Europe!
Start now at

Innovvoice online startup ideabator is OPEN for piloting!
posted 27 February 2016

The VOICE project is happy to announce the launch of the innovvoice platform piloting phase, which will be lasting up to July 2016. During this period, pilots users are invited to‪ visit the platform •‪ register, login & fill in your profile • explore services, tools & get matches • establish teams & networks • start & participate in discussion groups • elaborate ideas using our idea tester • contribute content • post, comment & evaluate and share their opinion and views.
How? Using the built-in direct feedback form at the end of each page. How often? As often as possible! The community is looking for engaged users to be the first, pioneer members of the innovvoice community, adding value to the project and platform.
Start now at

VOICE project and innovvoice platform presented in Startup Europe Week 2016 in Aalborg, Denmark
posted 4 February 2016

Aalborg University and CTIF, leader of the VOICE project, hosted a local event in the frame of the Startup Europe Week (SEW) on 3 February 2016 in NOVI Science Park Auditorium, setting the ground for similar activities in the region focusing on innovation management and entrepreneurship and promoting a "hands-on" approach. The new innovvoice online startup ideabator was on the agenda! The event attracted many young entrepreneurs that had an insight of startup stories and contributed to the mapping of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Aalborg, expressing their interest to the project.
See the agenda here

VOICE project meeting in Brussels
posted 13 January 2016

Partners of the VOICE project met in Brussels, at the premises of project leader Aalborg University, discussing the innovvoice platform development and the upcoming launch of its pilot testing phase alongside the incorporation of the different services to be offered.

VOICE project presents innovvoice online startup ideabator at Greek Innovation Forum
posted 9 January 2016

Associate Professor at the Center for TeleInfrastruktur/CTIF of Aalborg University, leader of the EU co-funded VOICE project, Dr. Sofoklis Kyriazakos presented the VOICE project and the innovvoice online startup ideabator under development to the audience of the 3rd Greek Innovation Forum (GIF), a yearly event bringing together all public and private actors related to the new technologies and innovation production process.
More at See the program here

VOICE project supports the 2nd IWIE in Hyderabad, India!
posted 17 December 2015

The 2nd International Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IWIE) was organised jointly by the Center for TeleInfrastruktur CTIF and Aalborg University, supported by the VOICE project in the frame of the Joint Global Conference on “Democratising Communications” on 13-16 December 2015 in Hyderabad, India. Ideas of students and researchers were evaluated by a mixed team of people from universities and industries and selected according to the level of innovation and deployment potential to be supported for their commercialization as start-ups.
More here

VOICE project and innovvoice platform calls users to provide input
posted 1 December 2015

Shortly before launching the beta version of the innovvoice platform in Q1 2016, project partners call potential users to give their input, help increase usability and added value of the project and platform, be part of the innovvoice community and be the first to benefit from its services upon its launch.

Save the date for the 2nd IWIE in Hyderabad, India on 15-16 December 2015 
posted 14 September 2015

The 2nd International Workshop on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IWIE) will be held in Hyderabad, India on 15-16 December 2015, organised jointly by the Center for TeleInfrastruktur, Aalborg University, NOVI Science and IEEE-Denmark Joint Chapter with the support of the VOICE project. Stay tuned!

VOICE online accelerator foundation in place
posted 14 September 2015

The VOICE project consortium has delivered the foundation of the VOICE ecosystem, content and system specifications along with the mechanisms, methods and tools of the VOICE innovation observatory. The building, testing and delivery of the VOICE online accelerator are now underway. See Outcomes section. Stay tuned!

The 3rd VOICE Project Meeting fruitfully held in Aalborg, 13 May 2015
posted 14 September 2015

Project leaders Aalborg University and CTIF hosted the 3rd project meeting in Aalbord, Denmark on 13 May 2015, alongside the 1st IWIE. Partners of the VOICE project discussed project implementation state-of-the-art, challenges, activities planned and ways forward.

4 winners announced at the 1st IWIE, with the support of VOICE, 12 May 2015
posted 14 September 2015

The 1st International Workshop on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IWIE) was held on 11-12 May 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark with great success! The IWIE counted 20 participating ideas, 10 finalists, 7 high-level jury members, 14 mentors and 4 winners! The Workshop was organised jointly by the VOICE project leaders Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF) and Aalborg University, NOVI Science and IEEE-Denmark Joint Chapter as a platform for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, industries, government, private equities and venture capitalists to express their innovative potential through ideas and get the proper support for their commercialisation as start-ups.

Article on VOICE published at World Technopolis Review, March 2015
posted 14 September 2015

The “open innovation model”: deriving community-driven value and innovation in the acceleration process, article contributed by VOICE project partners Intrasoft International S.A. and Athens Information Technology (AIT) to the World Technopolis Review [Vol. 4, No 1, pg 11-22], March 2015. Click here to access the article.

Participants, jury and mentors of the 1st IWIE in Aalborg, Denmark announced
posted 28 April 2015

The participants, jury and mentors of the 1st International Workshop on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IWIE), jointly organized by VOICE project partners Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF) and Aalborg University in collaboration with NOVI Science Park in Aalborg, Denmark on 11-12 May 2015 are announced! 21 ideas, 6 jurors, 9 mentors presenting, assessing and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. The VOICE project will be present at the IWIE! For more information

VOICE project presented at Women Techmakers official launch in Thessaloniki, Greece
posted 2 April 2015

Project partner Athens Information Technology (AIT) presents the VOICE project with great success via Google hangouts at the Women Techmakers (WTM) - Google’s brand and global program for women in technology - official launch in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event was powered by Google Developers (GDG) Thessaloniki.

VOICE project presented at event on women entrepreneurship in Athens, Greece
posted 1 April 2015

Project partner Militos Consulting S.A. presented the VOICE project at the event “Development for all: The woman in the entrepreneurial and professional course” organized by the Institute for Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis and the Pan-Hellenic Organisation for Women Panathinaiki. The project was of great interest to the audience.

“Measuring an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”: interesting publication by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
posted 16 March 2015

An interesting paper was published by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Research Series on City, Metro, and Regional Entrepreneurship on “Measuring an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”. This paper offers 4 indicators [Density / Fluidity / Connectivity / Diversity] and their sources for measuring the outcomes and vibrancy of a local entrepreneurial ecosystem. For more information click here

VOICE developing synergies with other European projects
posted 20 February 2015

Project partner Militos Consulting S.A. presented the VOICE project at the Conference “Tips 4 Skills: Strengthening skills of women working at the construction sector”. The conference was held on 19 February 2015 in Athens, Greece within the framework of the European project High Heels - Building Opportunities for Women in Construction
Click here for the conference booklet in english.


The 2nd VOICE project meeting held in Rome, Italy
posted 18 February 2015

Project partner Sapienza Università di Roma hosted the 2 nd project meeting in Rome on 16-17 February 2015. Partners of the VOICE project presented the state-of-the-art, the activities planned and discussed in detail the challenges and the way forward for the creation of an online accelerator, globally accessible, available 24/7 to anyone interested in starting-up or expanding their business.


VOICE project travels to Berlin, Germany
posted 14 February 2015

Project partner Intrasoft International brought the VOICE project to Berlin on 12-13 February 2015 during the Startup Europe Summit , the pop-up conference for Page 2 of 3european startups. Captains of the industry, Europe’s leading startup founders and policy makers gathered to discuss what’s next for Europe.
For more information click here


1st International Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IWIE), 11-12 May 2015, Aalborg, Denmark
posted 11 February 2015

The 1st International Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IWIE) is jointly organized by the Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University and NOVI Science Park in Aalborg, Denmark on 11-12 May 2015.
IWIE is planned as a platform for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, industries, government, private equities and venture capitalists to express their innovative potential through ideas and get the proper support for their commercialization as start-ups. The workshop will bring together young entrepreneurs and through a coaching and mentoring process promote innovation and support building of start-ups.

To register and/or submit a startup idea click here.

* Participation to the workshop is free of charge

VOICE project "kicked-off" on 15-16 September in Aalborg, Denmark
posted 18 September 2014

On September 15-16th 2014 the VOICE consortium “kicked-off” the project that will innovate innovation: a Virtual Open Inovation Ecosystem that will make “open innovation” a reality. The open and virtual acceleration platform will enable entrepreneurs from all over the world to fine-tune and test their ideas, get the advice they need to succeed, identify new sources of funding and financing, and make ideas into reality. Over the next 36 months, 9 partners from 7 countries will work together to understand the need, set-up the platform, and to create the functions and test them. Stay tuned for more updates, and become part of the VOICE community.

This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.